1 April 2011

Friday fold: “Hinges Cemetery” by José Julian Esteban

Posted by Callan Bentley

Cretaceous calcarenite layers, folded along the coast of Spain (?).

From the repository of geological images hosted by the European Geological Union, Imaggeo.

I was reminded of Imaggeo earlier this week, and it’s a great place to go browse around for cool photos of geological things. It could use a better search interface, but oh well. It’s worth it to see images that are both geologically informative and beautiful, like this one.

I suppose yesterday’s post about folded granite dikes in Tuckerman Ravine, New Hampshire, could also have served as this week’s Friday fold, but Señor Esteban’s photo is so much more beautiful, that I think we should let it lead us into the weekend instead.