1 December 2010

Suspicious email

Posted by Callan Bentley


Anyone else ever get notes like this in their email?


I was reading http://mountainbeltway.wordpress.com/2010/08/23/rocks-of-glacier-national-park/  and had a comment from the piece. The image of the Belt rocks of the Altyn and Appekunny formations was really helpful in understanding how the cliffs are formed. This piece had a lot of really interesting and indepth information of Glacier National Park.

Also, I’m interested in purchasing a text link on this post, that would go to an education site offering science programs.

I can pay $100 for the link via PayPal and give you a call or email back details if you are interested.


[name redacted]

If you want to comment, leave a comment, right? Pretty prosaic comment, anyways… and “in depth” is two words, which is suggestive of spammer sloppiness. (Ditto for having a comment “from” the piece, rather than “on” the piece…) I haven’t written the person back. This strikes me as “almost certainly some sort of scam,” but I’m curious to hear whether anyone else has had any emails like this come their way.