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16 August 2010

How to prep your pocket fold

“Pocket folds,” as my Rockies co-instructor Pete Berquist has defined them, are rock samples exhibiting folds that are small enough to stick in your pocket (and take back to your lab). Here’s a pocket fold that I found last week in the White Mountains of New Hampshire: I brought it home, and today I unpacked it from the car, along with about 70 pounds of other samples. I turned on …


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Pine Marten, Adirondacks

Hello everyone, I’m back in my office after 7 weeks away. I had some great travels this summer, to Turkey, Montana, and New England… and great geological photos to share from each of those locations. I’m going to start off with something non-geological, though: something furry and alive! That, my friends, is a pine marten, a smaller relative of the fisher (“fisher cat,” in the local parlance) and a member …


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