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17 February 2010

Focused photo of turbidite

Since yesterday’s live-blogging the rock sample prep routine turned out blurry, I figured I owed it to this sample, and to you, to give everyone a better look. So I scanned it this morning. Penny for scale. Assuming that your computer screen is vertical, this is in the same orientation as when it was deposited: coarse at the bottom, fine at the top.


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Dalmatian pluton

Continuing with some photos from eastern California… After checking out the faulted moraine, but before heading up the hill to check out the indurated shear zone (which you can just see in the background of this photo), we stopped to check out this visually-striking outcrop: Look at the glee on the faces of Kurt (green shirt) and Marcos (running; he’s so excited!). We were all pretty jazzed by this polka-dotted …


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