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15 August 2012

What time is it on Mars? Science Time.

We’re wrapping up the flight software update on Curiosity and getting ready to continue the commissioning phase, testing out each instrument in turn and gathering new science data. As you have seen, the cameras were already busy before the software update. That’s because taking a picture is relatively simple: the only movement involved is the rover mast and the focus. ChemCam is more complicated than taking a photo, but it …


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22 March 2011

Open Laboratory 2010 Now Available!

Do you like science? Do you like blogs? Do you like blogs about science? I sure hope so, because if not, what are you doing here? Anyway, assuming you answered the above questions in the affirmative, you’re going to want to immediately follow this link to purchase your copy of OpenLab 2010. It’s a collection of “the best science writing on the web” from 2010. Inexplicably, one of my blog …


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