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30 May 2016

Sol 1355-1357: Coordinating with MRO

Our drive went well and Curiosity is now sitting on a nice patch of the Murray formation, putting us in a good position for a very busy holiday weekend! On Sol 1355, ChemCam has observations of the targets “Auchas,” “Kaisosi,” “Inamagando,” and “Horingbaai.” Mastcam will document those targets and then do some multispectral observations of the targets “Kunjas” and “Navachab,” plus a mosaic of the contact between the Murray and …


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5 August 2011

Flowing Water Seen on Mars?

What you’re seeing here is a series of HiRISE images of a crater wall on Mars. Starting in the spring, hundreds of dark streaks form and make their way downhill, and then they fade in winter. The leading hypothesis is that they are flowing salty water, but I am still skeptical.


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