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19 April 2012

Billionaires to Fund Asteroid Mining?

In another development that supports my suspicion that private enterprise is going to shape the future of space exploration, it looks like James Cameron, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, and other influential wealthy nerds are unveiling a “new space venture” next week that is going by the name “Planetary Resources”. Of course, the press release doesn’t give any details; they want speculation to run rampant this week. Given the name, a …


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20 July 2011

Agouron Day 1: Introduction and Kam Kotia Mine Tailings

The Kam Kotia mine site is famous for being an environmental disaster. Mines tend to dump their ground-up waste rock into a reservoir nearby, typically a lake, where the finely ground rocks rapidly alter leading to nasty acidic chemicals that tend to make the area uninhabitable for a while. The Kam Kotia tailings have been partially “reclaimed” but the area is still pretty devastated.


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19 July 2011

Agouron Geobiology Field School!

Greetings from scenic Timmins Ontario! I will be spending the next 9 days with a bunch of geologists, biologists, chemists, planetary scientists, and all around smart people, learning about the geology of the Abitibi Greenstone Belt near Timmins. In particular, we will be talking a lot about the origin of life, and how this chunk of ancient crust on Earth can (or cannot) be used as an analog for Mars …


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