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23 May 2012

SpaceX Successfully Launches Dragon Capsule to ISS

In the wee hours of the morning, SpaceX took a major step forward in private space exploration, launching their Dragon capsule on a mission to dock with the International Space Station. If the mission is successful, it will be the first time a privately owned spacecraft has docked with the ISS. This is a major milestone, and it’s great to hear the joy in people’s voices toward the end of this video. Congratulations SpaceX!


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20 September 2011

Spectacular Video of Earth from Orbit

If you haven’t seen this yet, you need to watch this spectacular time-lapse video of the earth at night as seen by the ISS.


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The “Future” of Human Spaceflight

Well, it looks like Congress has finally decided what NASA’s next foray into human spaceflight will look like. If you’re thinking to yourself that that rocket looks the offspring of a Saturn V rocket and a Space Shuttle, then you’re absolutely right. Those solid rocket boosters on the sides are the same as the ones used for the Space Shuttle, as is the main engine for the first stage. In fact, if you take off Saturn V-like paint on the first stage, you would find a big familiar orange fuel tank. The second stage will use J-2x engines, based on the Saturn V engines.


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15 September 2011

Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Red Dust’ Album About Mars

The geniuses at The Onion have come up with a brilliant article about Bruce Springsteen releasing a Mars sci-fi themed album.


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