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6 January 2012

Graduate School Advice: Part 1 – Classes and Teaching

To follow up on my last post about my science resolutions for the new year, based on lessons learned during grad school, I thought it might be worth posting more generally some advice based on my graduate school experience. ¬†As I jotted down notes on what bits of advice I might want to share, it rapidly became clear that it was too much for a single post. So, consider this …


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20 December 2011

Carl Sagan is my Homeboy

I am happy to report that my office mate Melissa Rice and I are both now PhDs! My defense was on Friday, and Melissa presented me with this awesome shirt:   After Melissa’s defense yesterday, we thought it would only be fitting to pose in front of the portrait of the man who inspired us to become planetary scientists. We are proud to call Carl Sagan our homeboy: Today is …


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16 December 2011

Thesis Defense!

Today is my PhD thesis defense! Let me just note how weird it is to write that. In any case, once I have recovered from all of the snake fighting, I am planning to get back into the habit of posting more often, beginning with some thoughts on grad school and advice for those still muddling through or just starting. Stay tuned!


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