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12 June 2012

Curiosity gets an improved landing ellipse!

Yesterday NASA hosted a call-in press conference for reporters to announce some good news and some bad news about Curiosity. The good news: the landing system is going to be even more precise than expected. The bad news: the drill sheds teflon that gets into the samples.


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29 April 2011

Gale Crater Videos

Yesterday I participated in a telecon about Gale Crater, one of the potential landing sites for MSL. It’s a fascinating place to talk about and would make for a spectacular mission. Ok, this is true for all four finalist landing sites, but the scenery at Gale, with its 5km tall mountain of layered rocks would be particularly great. One of the presenters at yesterday’s telecon, Dawn Sumner, posted two very nice videos on YouTube covering much of what she talked about. The videos also serve to show off a very-cool new open-source 3D visualization and GIS tool called Crusta being developed by a student at UC Davis.


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