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1 December 2011

Fly over Vesta in 3d!

Alright folks, time to bust out your 3D glasses! JPL just released this cool 3D flyover of Vesta, as seen by the Dawn spacecraft:


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2 August 2011

Our New View of Vesta

Just a quick post to point you to an amazing video of Vesta rotating, made by Tayfun ├ľner by interpolating between 64 images taken by Dawn from orbit.


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15 July 2011

Dawn goes into orbit around Vesta today!

Today NASA’s Dawn spacecraft will make history by being the first probe to orbit the protoplanet Vesta! The image below is from July 9, and already Dawn has upgraded Vesta from a fuzzy disk in Hubble images to a world with visible surface features, including some strange striations. Once Dawn is in orbit, we should be getting even better views. Stay tuned!


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