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8 November 2018

Sol 2225: Science Galore at the Eighteenth Hole

Tosol (Martian for “today”) we received confirmation that Curiosity’s drill yestersol was successful, as shown in this Navcam image of the ‘Highfield’ target – our eighteenth drill hole in the martian surface!


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28 September 2015

Sol 1119-1120: "Go" for full drill at Big Sky!

As you can see, our mini-drill over the weekend went well, so we are GO for drilling “Big Sky” on sol 1119! The hope is that this location will provide a good sample of the “typical” rock in the area to compare with some of the interesting alteration we’ve been seeing. Along with the drilling, there will be a bunch of MAHLI documentation images of the hole from varying distances …


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27 October 2011

Occupy Science!

A collection of space and planetary-themed parodies of the 99% movement, including a couple that I made myself!


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3 October 2011

Layers of the Earth Well, this is going to be stuck in my head all day.  


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