23 July 2019

Sol 2474: A Great Outcrop!

Posted by Ryan Anderson

Today’s one-sol plan included both remote science and contact science. The team planned a large Mastcam mosaic of the outcrop located to the south of Curiosity. The image above shows a Mastcam image of a different part of the outcrop that was imaged last week. When we see outcrops like this one that show a vertical exposure of laminated rocks, we capture it in high resolution Mastcam images so that scientists can look for sedimentary structures that give us clues as to how the rock formed.

The workspace today showed a lot of pebbles, plus a few small blocks. Two of the blocks, ‘Moine’ and ‘Mither Tap,’ were targeted by MAHLI, APXS, and ChemCam.

In order to fit in all the science observations in today’s plan, Curiosity will not be driving in this sol. Tomorrow the rover will likely keep rolling along the traverse!

Written by Kristen Bennett, Planetary Geologist at USGS Astrogeology Science Center