25 June 2019

Sol 2448: Very Small Rocks

Posted by Ryan Anderson

Our drive on Sol 2447 stopped a bit short, placing us on an area that was mostly gravel. Nothing against gravel, but we are eager to get to the outcrops ahead of us, so we went with a pretty light plan for today to allow more time and energy for driving. We start off with a ChemCam observation of a pebble dubbed ‘Strathclyde,’ followed by Mastcam of the same target. Then we have a Mastcam mosaic of the upcoming outcrop. After the drive we have all the usual post-drive imaging, including a MARDI image of the ground beneath our wheels. We originally had a ChemCam autonomously targeted observation, but that was pulled to save power for tomorrow. We will wrap up Sol 2448 with a twilight Mastcam movie to watch for clouds.

Written by Ryan Anderson, Planetary Geologist at USGS Astrogeology Science Center