1 August 2018

Sol 2128: In Search of Softer Rocks

Posted by Ryan Anderson

On Sol 2128, Curiosity will continue toward our third potential drill site within the Pettegrove Point member of Vera Rubin Ridge, where we are hoping to find slightly softer rocks. The day will begin with ChemCam observations of the target ‘Slioch,’ which was already analyzed by APXS, as well as the layered rock ‘Craignure Bay.’ Mastcam will document both of these targets, using a small mosaic around Craignure Bay to capture images of some of the tilted rocks nearby as well. Then Navcam will do some atmospheric observations. After that, the rover will drive toward our next drill site and take some post-drive images. Navcam will do some more atmospheric measurements, and ChemCam will make an auto-targeted observation of the bedrock near the rover. We will finish off the plan with an 8-frame Navcam ‘movie’ of the sky to look for clouds and measure the wind direction over Gale crater.

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be close enough to do just a short bump to the drill site so we can try drilling again this weekend!

Written by Ryan Anderson, Planetary Geologist at USGS Astrogeology Science Center