2 June 2016

Sol 1360: Preparing to drill

Posted by Ryan Anderson

Arm work continues to go well, so preparation for drilling and sample analysis is the focus of the Sol 1360 plan.  First, CheMin will dump the Lubango and Okoruso drill samples out of their cells.  Then ChemCam and Mastcam will observe a bright vein named “Charlottenfelder” and a bedrock target called “Chameis Bay” before arm activities resume. MAHLI will take close-up images of the Oudam drill target and a single image of the “footprint” that APXS likely made on the Okoruso dump pile yesterday.  Overnight, CheMin will analyze an empty cell to provide a baseline measurement before receiving the new drill sample.  Early the next morning, before handover to the next plan, observations of the Sun and sky will measure dust in the atmosphere over the rover and search for clouds and dust devils.  The Right Mastcam will take a 10-image mosaic of the “Otjizonjati” outcrop northwest of the rover when it is well-illuminated by the morning sun.  Finally, the RMI will acquire a 5-image mosaic of part of Aeolis Mons (Mount Sharp) toward the south.

by Ken Herkenhoff

Dates of planned rover activities described in these reports are subject to change due to a variety of factors related to the Martian environment, communication relays and rover status.