31 March 2015

Martian Chronicles is Back!

Posted by Ryan Anderson

Good news everyone: this blog is coming out of retirement! For a while now, I and two other USGS scientists on the Curiosity team, Ken Herkenhoff and Lauren Edgar, have been posting brief updates on what the Curiosity rover is up to, over at the USGS Astrogeology website. Now, through the wonders of the internet (and some behind the scenes work by the USGS and AGU webmasters) those updates will be posted here as well! The new format of the blog will be a bit different than when it was just me writing about anything vaguely space-related that caught my interest, but it means that the blog will be updated much more regularly! We hope you will enjoy following along with Curiosity’s daily activities as we explore the foothills of Mt. Sharp. It’s good to be back!