3 December 2012

AGU 2012

Posted by Ryan Anderson

Greetings from San Francisco! I have to say, flying here from Flagstaff is a lot nicer than flying from Ithaca. And the scenery from the first leg of the trip is hard to beat:

Red rocks somewhere near Sedona.

The view out my hotel room window here in San Francisco is somewhat less scenic. It overlooks the loading dock of a Bloomingdale’s. BUT I’m not here for scenery. I’m here for the AGU “fall” meeting, and I am armed with a new smart phone (It took the picture above) so I am hoping to tweet more than I have done in the past at other meetings. You can follow me at @marschronicler. Or just follow the #AGU12 hashtag and drink from the firehose of sciencey tweets.┬áIf time in the evening allows, I also plan to blog about the highlights that I see each day, so check in here.

I am presenting my poster first thing tomorrow morning, which is a pretty sweet deal since it means the rest of the week I don’t have to worry about it. If you happen to be among the 10,000 or so scientists at the meeting and you’d like to hear about mapping inverted channels in Terby and Runanga craters on Mars, stop by my poster: “A Survey of Sinuous Ridges and Inferred Fluvial Discharge Rates in Northwest Hellas, Mars (P11B-1832).