17 January 2011

Ask an Astronomer (Live)!

Posted by Ryan Anderson

Do you have burning questions of an astronomical nature? Or do people come to you with those sorts of questions? About the zodiac perhaps? Well, my friend, you need to go spend some time on the Ask an Astronomer site that my fellow graduate students at Cornell run. Over the years, we have received thousands of questions from interested people, and those that we think might be of interest to others get posted on the site. I am a delinquent and haven’t answered any questions for the site in a while, but plenty of other grad students are still active question-answerers so don’t hesitate to ask one!

Lately we have also started doing Ask an Astronomer Live events at Pixel Lounge in Ithaca. The way that these work is that four grad students from the department grab a beer and a microphone and field questions from the audience. I’ve been in the audience for the past few, but coming up on February 5 I get to be one of the panelists! So, if you happen to be in the Ithaca area, come on by, bring a friend, and ask me your burning astronomy questions in person! You can find more info about the event at this link.