5 July 2010

Branching Out

Posted by Ryan Anderson

I have a confession to make: sometimes I don’t feel like posting about space. I know, this a shocking admission from a graduate student in Planetary Science. After all, grad students are supposed to live and breathe their topic of interest, right? Well, I still am really interested in space, but I’m also really interested in other stuff. For a long time now, I’ve struggled with the sometimes conflicting goals of posting stuff to the blog and posting stuff that I happen to think is really cool and interesting at the moment. For example, I’ll read a good fantasy novel that I want to tell people about, but then I’ll think: “But the blog is supposed to be about space exploration, isn’t it?” And then it doesn’t get posted.

It’s entirely possible, and I daresay likely, that you, my loyal readers, wouldn’t mind reading about non-space stuff if I posted it. But I’ve always felt a little guilty about straying from the nominal topic of the blog. Well, no more of that. With this post, I hereby give myself permission to post about whatever I please. This is the Martian Chronicles, not the Mars Chronicles, and this Martian sometimes wants to chronicle more than space news.

I’ll still post about space, of course. But don’t be surprised if you see an uptick in posts about other topics, especially sci-fi, fantasy, writing and other sciences.