6 April 2009

Big Pictures of Mount Redoubt Eruption

Posted by Ryan Anderson


The Big Picture, an awesome photo-blog that you should be reading, has a very cool set of photos of the Mount Redoubt eruptions in Alaska. I thought it was especially cool to see how the glacier on top of the mountain is collapsing as it melts from beneath.

Update: Just like last time the Big Picture posted volcano photos, global warming deniers are posting in the comments and claiming that volcanoes make much more CO2 than humans, and therefore global warming is not man-made. Luckily, another commenter (#37) posted a very well-researched response on the Big Picture site. The Hawaii Volcano Observatory has also addressed this question: “Which Produces More CO2, Volcanic or Human Activity?”

The answer: on average, volcanoes produce less than 1% as much CO2 as fossil fuels do.