4 April 2009

Yuri's Night and 100 Hours of Astronomy

Posted by Ryan Anderson

Are you going to a Yuri’s Night party this year? I am! In about five minutes! In case you’ve never heard of it, Yuri’s night is a worldwide series of parties held on April 4-12 to commemorate Yuri Gagarin’s first spaceflight! It is the brainchild of Loretta Hidalgo-Whitesides, a fellow NASA Academy alum and all around cool person. This year there are 171 parties in 41 countries on six continents and, apparently, 2 worlds. I’m not sure what the other world is… maybe the rovers are going to celebrate? Anyway, it’s an awesome way to celebrate Gagarin’s historic flight and raise awareness of space exploration, so go find a party in your area!

You may also want to check out 100 hours of astronomy: a huge worldwide astronomy marathon that’s going on right now!

Surely between the two events you can find something spacey to do this weekend!