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12 March 2018

Improving the interview-a-scientist assignment

Nearly every scientist who’s active on social media or blogging gets requests from students to answer questions for interview-a-scientist assignments. Now, I love theĀ intentĀ of these assignments, which is to get students excited about a science topic by connecting them with an actual living, breathing scientists. However, the execution can be a problem for the scientists.


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27 April 2015

Things you learn doing outreach

A short, light post this time. I’ll be doing an outreach event as a USGS rep in a couple of weeks, and having done the demo once already at AAAS’s 2015 Family Science Days, I was thinking about the things I learned last time. Some of these have also applied to other outreach I’ve done (I love doing video chats with students and science clubs, especially if I can get people excited about geology!)


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24 January 2014

We’ve got to nominate!

Or, why I’m embarrassed that I’ve never submitted (or supported) a nomination for the AGU Honors Program – and why I’m going to make an effort to change that.


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22 December 2007

A journey of a thousand miles…

I’ve been contemplating, for some time, starting a blog about my experiences as a female geologist (and continuing geology student). I’ve recently discovered a number of other geology and science-related blogs, and I find their discourse stimulating, informative, and in many cases enlightening. It’s useful to me as a student to have insight into the thoughts of professors and older scientists, and it’s often easier to discover it through print …


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