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21 April 2018

Journalism catastrophe WAITING TO HAPPEN! (or, Let’s talk about headlines)

The best science reporting in the world is diminished when you publish it under a histrionic headline.


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27 June 2016

Yellowstone hot springs: Upsetting your color scale

I was fortunate enough to spend several weeks in Yellowstone National Park this summer, doing geophysical surveys in hydrothermal areas. I’ll be talking about those elsewhere in a few weeks (keep an eye on the AGU Instagram!), but in the meantime I wanted to show off some of the other excellent features of the park.¬†Fieldwork in Yellowstone – and especially fieldwork with electrical equipment – is at the mercy of …


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24 January 2008

Masters VS PhD

Last night’s meeting of the Geological Society of Washington was quite fun – how often do a bunch of geologists get to hold meetings in a really swanky Washington landmark like the Cosmos Club, after all? (All right, they made us go in the back door so we wouldn’t bother the real members, but it still felt exclusive.) I also had the pleasure of meeting Callan Bentley of NOVA Geoblog, …


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