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23 March 2015

The clothes don’t make the scientist

Those of you who saw my somewhat exasperated tweets last week know that I was reacting to this story on the Scientific American Voices Blog about how female scientists are portrayed in media coverage. (Answer: Superficially and with far too much attention to appearances).


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24 January 2014

We’ve got to nominate!

Or, why I’m embarrassed that I’ve never submitted (or supported) a nomination for the AGU Honors Program – and why I’m going to make an effort to change that.


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15 October 2013

Ada Lovelace Day, “A Passion for Science”, and Earth Science Week

This year, Earth Science Week just happens to fall right before my (gasp!) final thesis defense. I’m deep into powerpoint construction and worrying myself crazy about the fact that that’s only a few more days away, but I have done something special this year to help celebrate the accomplishments of an Earth scientist – and, in this case, a woman.┬áIn light of the recent events concerning Dr. Danielle Lee and …


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8 March 2013

My experience as a woman in the geosciences

Being deep in the throes of thesis-wrangling has left me little time for blogging lately, but as a woman and a geoscientist I definitely thought it was important to write a little bit about International Women’s Day, and about my own experiences. I first became aware that this was a day of celebration when my graduate advisor and I encountered a parade in downtown Xela when we were in Guatemala doing fieldwork for my thesis. It was a beautiful day and the parade-goers were lively and excited and enthused.


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