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18 January 2009

Predictions, Forecasting and Eruptions

A half-joking query that I’m sure every volcanologist has encountered in their career is: “When will the volcano erupt? When’s the ‘big one’ coming?” A major misconception of the public is that volcanologists can predict eruptions. Volcanologists, on the other hand, prefer to say that they can sometimes forecast eruptions – but not all the time, and often only in rough terms. This is a situation where semantics can cause …


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6 December 2008

The Fish Lake Plateau: “A most eligible summer camping-place” (Accretionary Wedge #14/15)

I haven’t done a whole lot of research yet, but I always enjoy a good chance to get out in the field. For my undergraduate thesis, this meant spending a few weeks in south-central Utah, on the High Plateaus. The work was part of the 2006 NSF Fish Lake Research Experience for Undergraduates, a joint effort between the College of William & Mary and Coastal Carolina University. The project was …


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12 May 2008

At least I won’t get attacked by monkeys

I just came across an article from a July 2007 Wired Magazine article about the “Best Dangerous Science Jobs”. Guess what #7 is? Volcanologist! (I love the little graphic.) And #6 is… Graduate student. Yep, I’m doomed. Happily doomed, though.


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