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6 May 2013

End of semester update

…and I finally, finally have a chance to breathe. It’s been a really busy couple of months for me – not just because I was teaching a lecture class for the first time, but because I was also getting ready for my technical thesis defense.


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20 May 2008

Accretionary Wedge #9: Cenozoic magmatism and the subduction of the Farallon slab

My significant geological event is a pretty long one – actually, something like 40 million years long, and probably still ongoing somewhere down in the mantle. The subduction of the Farallon plate actually means a great deal to me, because without it, my senior thesis research would never have happened. (Okay, probably a lot of other things, including me being born, wouldn’t have happened, but my research is pretty dependent …


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5 May 2008

Oh, all right…

Because every person in the known geoblogosphere is doing this, I suppose I’ll have to as well. Voila! My thesis: 39ar 40ar al area ash biotite caldera composition contains continental creek deposits diagram eruption et feldspar fiamme field figure fish flow formed indicates lake magma matrix melt monroe osiris peak phenocrysts plagioclase plateau probably range results rims samples sanidine section subduction surface thick thin trachyte unit utah values volcanic welded …


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