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26 March 2010

Video Friday

Still waiting to hear on some info for the next Santiaguito Observatory post, but in the meantime, here’s a neat video to keep your attention: A view of an eruption filmed with a Forward-Looking-Infrared, or FLIR camera. (These are the cameras that you sometimes see on ghost-hunting shows when they’re trying to find “cold spots”, or what you might use to look for heat leaks if you’re evaluating your house …


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21 February 2009

Using Google Earth to visualize volcanic and seismic activity

I haven’t been posting much lately (teaching labs and trying to wrap my head around volcano seismology is eating up my free time), but I have been trying to keep up with new developments. One really neat one is the release of the newest Google Earth and the Oceans layer. My last two labs have been oceanography and waves/tides/currents, so I’ve been leaning heavily on Google Earth to help my …


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13 February 2008

Blow it out your tailpipe. No, really.

The BBC website has just run a story about a car that runs on compressed air. This is an pretty cool vehicle, if the article is anything to go by: [The car] “will be driven by compressed air stored in carbon-fibre tanks built into the chassis. The tanks can be filled with air from a compressor in just three minutes – much quicker than a battery car. Alternatively, it can …


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