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10 September 2008

Ooh, look! A bandwagon!

I love bandwagons. (What the hell is a bandwagon, anyway? Wikipedia says that the phrase was first used in 1848 during a political campaign, but we all know how reliable Wikis are…) Anyway, back to the important stuff. Instructions from Chuck: Use bold to indicate minerals you’ve seen in the wild. Italics is for those seen in laboratories, museums, stores, or other non field locations. AndalusiteApatiteBariteBerylBiotiteChromiteChrysotileCordieriteCorundumDiamondDolomiteFlorenciteGalenaGarnetGraphiteGypsumHaliteHematiteHornblendeIlliteIllmeniteKaoliniteKyaniteLepidoliteLimoniteMagnetiteMolybdeniteMonaziteNephelineOlivineOmphaciteOpalPerovskitePlagioclasePyriteQuartzRutileSanidineSillimaniteSilver (native)SphaleriteStauroliteSulphur (native)TalcTourmalineTremoliteTurquoiseVermiculiteWillemiteZeoliteZircon


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11 July 2008


In other silliness, someone gave me this to put in my new apartment. I’ve been staring at it for hours now. It is so incredibly cheesy, but I can’t stop watching it. Yep, my brain is toast today. I do, however, love this thing. It’s the perfect time-waster for a volcanologist.


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