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5 December 2012

AGU 2012 Days 1 – 3

I’m forgoing my day-by-day posting this year because my schedule has been nuts – I’m hardly able to finish a meeting before I have to move on to something else!

On Sunday afteernoon I arrived to happily clear skies and a relaxing ride into San Francisco. Naturally, this meant I had to immediately start going to meetitngs – training for moderrating my first oral session, and our annual student representative meeting. (Students, watch out for new developments in your sections, including webinars, mentoring programs, and new volunteer opportunities throughout AGU! The Union Council has already added three studeent and three early-career seats, and they’re looking to get students involvedd in even more ways.)


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4 April 2012

Talking with undergrads about ‘nontraditional’ careers in the geosciences

So for anyone who was interested, my careers talk back in March went pretty well. It was an intro class, so I’m assuming that getting any of them to ask questions right before lunch was a success! Because this was an intro class, I went in with the assumption that very few of the students had any real conception of what a geologist ends up doing aside from what they see in the movies (bad examples for the most part) and what they experience in classes (teachers they see a few times a week but don’t have time to connect with). I presented a very linear concept of a geological career: take classes, get a degree, go into government or industry work OR get another degree, teach or do one of the former two options. Then I showed them the list of everyone I could find who got creative with their geologic experience.


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15 December 2010

AGU Fall Meeting 2010: Tuesday Dec. 14

What a day! After pulling my attention away from the hassles of actually getting to AGU, I dove right into the meeting with some posters in the Volcanology, Geochemistry and Petrology session.


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15 May 2009

Post Rocky Mountain (or, Hooray! I didn’t screw up my talk)

I’m back from Orem, Utah – although it turns out I’m going back out there again in June – and as it turned out, I had a pretty good time at RMGSA. Of course, seeing my friends from W&M; is always great, and they did a wonderful job on their poster presentations. My talk, despite it being early in the morning, went well – I managed not to get completely …


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9 May 2009

Nerves & presentations

So I’ve hit the pre-presentation mild panic stage, since I’m going to be giving my first professional talk at Rocky Mountain GSA on Tuesday. It’s an annoying state that seems to have evolved a bit since I was young. I’ve played violin for years, and for most of those years I’ve played solo pieces in recitals. I used to get shaky before a big performance (not a good thing if …


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6 May 2009

Rocky Mountain GSA

If anyone is planning on visiting Orem, Utah for this year’s Rocky Mountain GSA section meeting, and you feel like dragging yourself to a session at 8 in the morning, you can come hear my first professional talk ever! (Yipe…) For reasons known only to the session organizers, I’ll be going first in the lineup. (How did that happen?) T13. 13. Magmatism from the Mesozoic to the Present in the …


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17 October 2008

Chocolate time again…

So I gave a talk in an informal seminar today – and now I feel terrible about it. It was on some ongoing research that I’ve been doing with my undergrad advisor. We’ve been working on some volcanic rocks out in the High Plateaus of Utah, and arguing one particular scenario for their origins. This is the first time either of us has presented this work, and we thought that …


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