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5 January 2010

The biggest bang for your buck

Happy New Year! Having finally beaten the latest installment of the common cold, I’m back to blogging as I get ready for the new semester. Recently there’s been a bit of amusement among the geobloggers about an Paddy Power, an Irish betting website that’s will take wagers on which volcano will erupt next with a VEI 3 or greater magnitude eruption. That in itself is amusing (and it would be an …


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2 October 2009

Looking for something to do for Earth Science Week?

Even if you can’t give your time to sponsor an event for Earth Science Week this year, you can help people realize the importance of Earth science by giving a little bit of your money. (For instance, I’m swamped with coursework and research and totally unlikely to pull together any event bigger than a Facebook post, but at least this way I can help someone else with an Earth science …


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21 April 2009

Funding resources for geology graduate students

I have a bit of a plea for the geoblogosphere this week. I’ve volunteered to do some website work for the geology graduate student association here at UB, and one page is going to be dedicated to useful resources. I’m compiling a list of Earth science-related scholarships, grants and fellowships, and I want to make sure that I don’t miss anything. Can everyone have a look at what I’ve come …


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2 November 2008


In the process of applying for extra funding for my graduate studies, I’m finding myself again stuck writing a “personal statement” essay, and I can’t say that I’m fond of it. Oh, I have plenty of motivation to write the thing – what grad student doesn’t want to, say, earn an NSF fellowship and not have to worry about their funding for the next three years? But I’m never comfortable …


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