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15 December 2010

AGU Fall Meeting 2010: Tuesday Dec. 14

What a day! After pulling my attention away from the hassles of actually getting to AGU, I dove right into the meeting with some posters in the Volcanology, Geochemistry and Petrology session.


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14 December 2010

AGU Fall Meeting 2010: Monday Dec. 13 Recap

Well, I’ve learned my lesson not to book flights through the Midwest in December, although I made my reservations a few months ago (and of course had no way to predict a darn blizzard). Still, I missed Monday’s sessions, which was disappointing (lots of neat talks!), as well as the Social Media Soiree. I wish I could have been here just a little earlier!


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10 December 2010

Geoblogging bonanza at AGU’s Fall Meeting

If you’re getting ready to head out to San Francisco soon (or if you’re already there!) you’ve probably heard at least something about the geoblogging activities that will be going on at this year’s Fall Meeting. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s going on:


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6 May 2009

Rocky Mountain GSA

If anyone is planning on visiting Orem, Utah for this year’s Rocky Mountain GSA section meeting, and you feel like dragging yourself to a session at 8 in the morning, you can come hear my first professional talk ever! (Yipe…) For reasons known only to the session organizers, I’ll be going first in the lineup. (How did that happen?) T13. 13. Magmatism from the Mesozoic to the Present in the …


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