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21 May 2009

It’s course evaluation time!*

And so far I’ve seen (paraphrased, of course): Labs/TA were horribleLabs/TA were okayLoved labLabs were informative and relatively harmless (I would have laughed even more if it had said ‘mostly harmless’ and referenced the HGTG)TA is elitist (Because I wouldn’t give this person a second make-up date for a quiz they missed, never mind that I didn’t have to give them a first one)TA is responsible and patientBoring lab material …


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28 January 2009

Best labs for introductory geology courses?

My department will be restructuring some of their introductory geology labs soon, and I was asked my opinion of the labs that I taught last semester. I was pretty brutal about some of them: they were difficult both to teach and to get the students to understand. When you’re spending most of your time apologizing for the shortcomings of a flow chart that the students are supposed to be using …


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24 August 2008

Accretionary Wedge #12: Geology as a connector science

Hooray! I finally have both a working computer and internet connection. Definite cause for celebration, since I can now get back to blogging – at least as much as grad school allows, that is. Even more cause for celebration: This is post #100! I think it’s fitting that it should be an Accretionary Wedge entry, since at least part of the reason I started blogging was to connect with other …


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17 January 2008

Residence time of lab samples

Here’s an situation I’ve been dealing with for a while. During the research I did for my undergraduate thesis in the summer of 2006, I collected a number of samples to use for Ar-Ar dating, with the intention that I would actually accompany them to a lab and learn the processes involved in mineral separation, irradiation, analysis, etc. Fast forward to January and February of 2007, where I (after much …


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