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3 February 2014

Benchmarking Time: Nome, Alaska

Evelyn was good enough to remind me that I should get back to showing off other people’s submissions for my benchmark series, and the recent talk of Alaska being warmer in past days than the East Coast reinforced the gentle poking. A few years back, Evelyn and her husband Jackie spent several months working in Nome, Alaska for a marine mining gold exploration company. She’s got a great series of wonderfully kitschy photos from her trip, but she was kind enough to save a few of an Army Corps of Engineers survey mark they found on one of their local hikes.


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24 November 2012

Benchmarking Time: Devil’s Coulee dinosaur egg site, Southern Alberta

This week’s benchmark is a unique one – not your usual NGS fare! It comes to you courtesy of Howard Allen, who says:

This is a quarry marker that the Royal Tyrrell Museum cements in place at their dinosaur fossil excavations around the Province of Alberta. This particular one marks a quarry at the Devil’s Coulee dinosaur egg site in southern Alberta, near the town of Warner. The quarry marker allows the locality to be precisely marked by GPS (and/or conventional survey equipment), so it can be found again in the future.


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1 July 2011

Report on IVM-Fund trip to Guatemala: Part 2

From April 29 – May 3, 2011, Dr. Jeff Witter of the International Volcano Monitoring Fund (IVM-Fund) made a trip to the Santiaguito Volcano Observatory (OVSAN) to deliver a set of volcano monitoring equipment. This equipment was purchased with the proceeds from a fundraising effort that I and the OVSAN personnel conceived of and that Jeff helped put into action. Jeff did a great writeup of his experiences in Guatemala, and asked that I share it with everyone who has contributed to the fundraiser.


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15 June 2010

Guest Post at “The Plainspoken Scientist”

All right, so I’m still caught up in summer research (and have managed to catch some sort of cold, which is ridiculous at this time of year). Until I get back to more regular posting, I offer for your reading pleasure a guest post on the American Geophysical Union’s blog The Plainspoken Scientist: “Why I Blog: Jessica Ball (Magma Cum Laude)” The AGU blog just started up in March, and …


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