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21 January 2020

Where On (Google) Earth #603

Last week, in a moment of random thought, I suggested reviving our beloved Where On Google Earth (#WOGE). @i_rockhopper got to work right away restarting the contest, and I tracked down the image, thus earning myself the right to host the next and an hour of handicap according to the Schott Rule. Here’s your next challenge in this geoscience reverse image search!


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9 January 2017

Fast-forward your volcano

Remember a couple of months ago when Google Earth Timelapse got updated? I didn’t spend a lot of time looking at it back then, but I’ve taken it for a spin since then and – being a volcanologist – decided to look at volcanoes. And it turned out to be a lot of fun.


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21 February 2009

Using Google Earth to visualize volcanic and seismic activity

I haven’t been posting much lately (teaching labs and trying to wrap my head around volcano seismology is eating up my free time), but I have been trying to keep up with new developments. One really neat one is the release of the newest Google Earth and the Oceans layer. My last two labs have been oceanography and waves/tides/currents, so I’ve been leaning heavily on Google Earth to help my …


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7 January 2008

Where on (Google) Earth #86

Excitement! After solving my first WoGE (#85, a river in southern Turkey), I’ve been accorded the honor of hosting the next installment. Ladies and gentlemen (and others – because I know at least a few geologists who definitely don’t fit those categories), for your viewing pleasure: The view is oblique to the North at about 4 km altitude; because it may turn out to be pretty easy for some people, …


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