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24 February 2013

So you want to be a volcanologist?

In addition to my blogging and on-again-off-again relationship with Twitter, I like to take my geologizing to places outside the office. Just yesterday, I had the opportunity to talk with a girls’ STEM club at my old elementary school about being a volcanologist. I actually do this fairly often, and I’m always really impressed by the questions the students come up with. They’re always inquisitive and thoughtful, and often catch me off guard – which is good!


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17 April 2009

In the field, “Geologists wear gray and khaki”

And it’s true, as you can see by the lovely photo of my foot in Guatemala. (There are very few photos of me because I wasn’t exactly photogenic after the whole food poisoning and not eating for three days episode.) There have been a few field gear posts going around recently, and I thought I’d contribute a few photos of myself in full field attire. (OK, I’m way behind and …


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29 January 2009

My next self-indulgence…

…might have to be this t-shirt. “God’s Volcano Project” from BustedTees When I saw the title, I immediately thought, “Obviously they’re talking about the God from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and he’s going to bust out with ‘I TOLD YOU PEOPLE TO QUIT WITH THE PSALMS!’”


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11 March 2008

How many licks DOES it take?

I was reminded by Callan’s post about the cake strata t-shirt that Threadless has some cool designs, and went looking for something to spend my money on. Which led to me finding this t-shirt: “How Many Licks” by Ian Leino Sort of reminds me of the Dinotopia illustrations. I’m not terribly fond of caramel, though, so I might choose a different core…perhaps taffy, although that could be better suited to …


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