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7 March 2008

Friday Field Foto: I Saw the Sign…

And totally ignored it, because I’m a geologist and warning signs shall not deter me from my goals (however life-threatening they might be). After seeing Julian’s photo of the Unsafe Rock Area sign (which I want), and Geotripper’s collection of geology-related warning signs, I thought a good topic for today’s Field Fotos would be some warning signs of my own. Most of them are from the Big Island of Hawaii …


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8 February 2008

Friday Field Foto: A little volcanic geopuzzle

Since it seems to be geopuzzle day, I thought I’d pitch in with something for the more igneous-inclined. (And it’s an excuse to post a cool photo – always a good thing.) So what’s going on here? Click on the image for a larger version (somehow larger than I wanted, but it’ll do for now). Wild conjecture and serious exposition are equally welcome; I’m going to withhold hints for the …


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