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9 May 2014

Edinburgh: Visiting Rosslyn Chapel

On my last day in Edinburgh, Dr. Caco and I took a bus ride south of the town to Roslin. Those of you who are Dan Brown fans might remember the last scenes of The Da Vinci Code movie, where the two heroes end their search for the Holy Grail ” at Rosslyn Chapel.


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6 April 2014

Edinburgh: Arthur’s Seat, Salisbury Crags and Hutton’s Section

On the last day of my visit to Scotland, my advisor and her husband (both former UB volcanology folks) took me on a hike to Holyrood Park to visit Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh’s volcano.


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23 March 2014

Edinburgh: Old Town and older volcanoes

My PhD advisor relocated to Scotland last year, and I finally had a chance to visit her in Edinburgh. And wow, what a great place for a geologist to go!


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