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14 January 2010

Richter or not?

Most of you have probably heard about the earthquake that occurred in Haiti on Tuesday. It’s shaping up to be a huge disaster, especially since it occurred in an area that hasn’t seen a major earthquake for centuries; when natural disasters haven’t occurred within living memory, people become unprepared to deal with them. The poverty of most of the millions of Haitians who were affected has only made it worse, …


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21 February 2009

Using Google Earth to visualize volcanic and seismic activity

I haven’t been posting much lately (teaching labs and trying to wrap my head around volcano seismology is eating up my free time), but I have been trying to keep up with new developments. One really neat one is the release of the newest Google Earth and the Oceans layer. My last two labs have been oceanography and waves/tides/currents, so I’ve been leaning heavily on Google Earth to help my …


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22 July 2008

The Great Southern California ShakeOut

Even though I’m sure this has been mentioned in many places, I promised I’d post on it (in case there’s anyone out there who didn’t see the first few iterations). While I was at the Boston NSTA meeting, I ha d the chance to meet a fellow from the Southern California Earthquake Center, and chat with him a bit about the Center’s work. I was really impressed by their public …


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6 May 2008

We had an earthquake!

Okay, so 1.8 is pretty dinky – but I felt this one, darn it. Whee! My first earthquake. Details from the Arlington Alert website: 05/06/08 14:55 The USGS has confirmed a magnitude 1.8 “micro” earthquake occurred near Annandale, VA at 1:30pm. There have been no reports of damage or injuries.OEM/LCS 05/06/08 14:31 The National Earthquake Information Center, via FEMA Operations, is reporting that Northern VA has experienced rumblings equivalent to …


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23 April 2008

Here’s one for Julian!

The USGS has released updated versions of their National Seismic Hazard Maps. (Image from the 2008 USGS Fact Sheet) And look! A green spot over western New York! That’s way better than being in the blue. (Not as exciting as sitting on a subduction zone capable of generating M9+ earthquakes, but I suppose I can’t have everything.) Update: While poking around the USGS Urban Hazard Maps, I found this one …


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10 January 2008

Why yes, I do have goals

G. K. Gilbert, in his account of the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906: It is the natural and legitimate ambition of a properly constituted geologist to see a glacier, witness an eruption and feel an earthquake. The glacier is always ready, awaiting his visit; the eruption has a course to run, and alacrity is always needed to catch its more important phases; but the earthquake, unheralded and brief, may elude …


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