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13 April 2009

Just a little celebrating

I usually try to be modest, but I’m just so excited by this that I felt like posting:NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Awardees (Sorry for the repeat, folks who follow on Twitter – it’s only this once, I promise!) Not only am I the only applicant from UB that received an award, I beat out all the engineering, medical and life science applicants – and at UB, we have a lot …


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12 March 2008

I hate mood swings

So, it really stinks when you hear news from people you’ve taken field courses with, and it turns out that not only have they applied to some of the same grad programs that you have, they’ve been accepted. And you haven’t. I’d like to be happy for this person, but I am just the teensiest bit bitter to hear about their acceptance (AND paid visit), when this particular grad program …


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