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26 March 2010

Accretionary Wedge # 23: What are you working on?

The latest installment of the Accretionary Wedge is being hosted by Ed at Geology Happens, and here’s the question of interest: This AW is to share your latest discovery with all of us. Please let us in on your thoughts about your current work. What you are finding, what you are looking for. Any problems? Anything working out well? My current work is a bit varied for a volcanologist, I’ll …


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20 February 2010

Volcanic clays

Another big part of my PhD research concerns volcanic clays. Volcanoes are a really interesting example of multiple natural cycles operating at once – not only do they create new rock, they also break it down. This could be pretty quickly – blasting lava into ash in an eruption – or slowly, through hydrothermal processes. When you get a combination of hot rocks and water, you (eventually) get alteration minerals, …


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