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30 October 2009

Last call for Accretionary Wedge entries….

The Headless Horseman wants you to know that posting* is very important. *Yes, I did just make a horseback riding joke. I am a geek in many ways. Mwahahaha!


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25 February 2008

Accretionary Wedge Call for Posts: Geology/ists in the Movies

Installment #6 of The Accretionary Wedge is up at Lounge of the Lab Lemming, and there are more submissions than ever, all of them definitely hmmm-provoking. I didn’t get a post in this time, but I did volunteer to host the next one, so here it is: Geology/ists in the Movies This should be pretty easy – there’s no end of movies out there (many made by the SciFi channel, …


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