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17 April 2008

Playing catch-up: In which Cookie finally talks about some Boston geology

Now that I’ve put my brain back together after all the grad school insanity, I really should finish up some of the posts I’ve left hanging. It seems like months since I was in Boston, even though it’s only been…well, weeks. Two very long weeks. Anyway, this one’s about the geology I came up with on the last day I was there, walking the “Freedom Trail”. I probably walked about …


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3 April 2008

In which Boston geology is ignored in favor of funny sign photos

And, of course, the Lamborghini. Mostly because I’m blogging from fabulous sunny Houghton MI, and I don’t want to spend the entire evening on the computer. Not to mention I’m a little teensy bit tired, having almost missed my connecting flight and sprinted the entire length of the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. So instead of geology, you get amusing signage. Enjoy. I spent a lot of time up in the North …


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1 April 2008

In which Cookie discovers that the NSTA meeting is MUCH bigger than GSA

Part 1 of the Boston trip, starting with a few photos from the actual NSTA meeting. (Next up will be my walking tour of the city, including the green Lamborghini and what geology I ran across – and there was some!) All in all, it was an interesting experience. I got to talk to a few hundred science teachers, discovered that they will take anything marked “FREE” (and some things …


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