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19 December 2010

AGU Fall Meeting 2010: Thursday Dec. 16 and wrap-up

Sorry for the delay in posting about my last day at the conference – I had planned to spend my time at the SF airport writing my last post, but instead I spent four hours waiting in line to get on a Southwest flight that dead-ended in Chicago. Spending the night on the Midway airport floor is not something I’d recommend for a post-meeting relaxation technique! At any rate, Thursday …


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7 December 2010

Let it snow! But maybe not on that volcano…

In honor of the snow (finally) reaching the north of Buffalo, I thought I’d write a post about volcanoes with chilly tops – i.e., ones covered in snow or glaciers. Although we tend to think of volcanoes as ‘hot’ geologic features, it’s fairly common for a volcano to be snow- or glacier-topped. More so for stratovolcanoes (like Rainier in the Cascades, or Fuji in Japan, or pretty much any volcano in Alaska), but it can happen at shield volcanoes too (such as Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa in Hawaii


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