8 December 2016

AGU Fall Meeting 2016: Social Media (and Communications) Roundup

Posted by Jessica Ball


I’ve had to bow out of attending the Fall Meeting this year, but I didn’t want  to abandon my yearly Social Media roundup even though I won’t be joining in. It’s been great over the years to watch the social media and science communication activities balloon from a couple of sessions and a meetup or two to scads of activities. I won’t try to list all of the scientific program sessions this time around, but here are a few of the more general activities you could join in on:

Sunday December 11

Monday December 12

Tuesday December 13

Wednesday December 14

Thursday December 15

Friday December 16

If I’ve missed anything that you think should be advertised, let me know in the comments. I’ll miss seeing the vibrant group I’ve come to know from these meetings, but there will always be next year. Have a great meeting!