9 November 2012

Benchmarking Time: Santiaguito Volcano Observatory, Guatemala

Posted by Jessica Ball

This week’s benchmark is another USGS one – this time in one of my favorite places, the Santiaguito Volcano Observatory in Guatemala!

Another missing elevation!

Like the Fish Lake benchmark I posted recently, this one is also missing an elevation, but that’s not a problem because the OVSAN observers have been kind enough to record their elevation on the side of the observatory building.

900 metros sobre el nivel del mar (meters above sea level), or about 2953 feet for you English units folks.

A lot of scientists pass through the observatory, so it’s nice for them to have their own benchmark.

900 meters above sea level most often gets you this view of the lava domes and volcano - it's very cloudy here! (Good for the coffee plants, though.)