9 October 2012

Benchmarking Time: Al-Bana, Sultanate of Oman

Posted by Jessica Ball

I’m in the process of regrouping after a full weekend field trip back to Bancroft, so in the meantime, here’s a guest Benchmarking post from Evelyn over at Georneys. Evelyn writes:

Here’s a picture of a benchmark in the Sultanate of Oman on a hill overlooking the village of Al-Bana. I’ve also included a picture of the view from the benchmark– you can see an old watchtower and the village of Al-Bana. Jebel Misht is the mountain in the background. Finally, I’ve included a picture to prove that I was actually there as well as a pretty view of Jebel Misht.

Benchmark near Al-Bana, Oman. Photo courtesy of Evelyn Mervine.

View of the village of Al-Bana from the benchmark site. Photo courtesy of Evelyn Mervine.

Evelyn at the benchmark, with Al-Bana and the mountain Jebel Misht in the background. Photo courtesy of Evelyn Mervine.

Jebel Misht. Photo courtesy of Evelyn Mervine.