18 January 2012

Magma, P.I. (Or, I Go On Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour And Try To Sound Good)

Posted by Jessica Ball

So if anyone caught my tweet late last Thursday, you’ll know that I was interviewed on Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour, an internet video show on TWiT TV. Dr. Kiki (otherwise known as Dr. Kirsten Sanford) actually got in touch with me during AGU, hoping to tape a show, but electronic issues on my end of things delayed the interview until last week. Still, it was a lot of fun (and I hope I didn’t flub any of the geology too badly!)

The episode is #128, The Geology Ball (they came up with that with no prompting from me; as the writer of a blog named after a bad geology joke, I thought it was pretty funny). The conversation was geared toward the interested layman, so per Dr. Kiki’s request I tried to avoid being too jargon-y, and explain things like I would on the blog. (I also spend a lot of time talking about my own field area, so you get Guatemala saturation for a bit.)

Thanks to Ron Schott (@rschott) for posting about it on Twitter!



I haven’t seen the show notes or chat transcript yet, but I think everything went pretty well. I had a fun time talking with Dr. Kiki, and from the feedback I’ve seen in a few places, I hope people enjoyed listening to me ramble about how much I love volcanology. I’m also in really good company – I mean, she’s interviewed everyone from beekeepers to astronomers to paleontologists! A very cool experience for me, and I hope it gives geobloggers some more good press.

One thing that I loved was a tweet from one of the show’s listeners:

I’m totally putting this on my business cards from now on.