26 March 2010

Video Friday

Posted by Jessica Ball

Still waiting to hear on some info for the next Santiaguito Observatory post, but in the meantime, here’s a neat video to keep your attention: A view of an eruption filmed with a Forward-Looking-Infrared, or FLIR camera. (These are the cameras that you sometimes see on ghost-hunting shows when they’re trying to find “cold spots”, or what you might use to look for heat leaks if you’re evaluating your house for heating efficiency.) Enjoy – espectially BHC, who requested it!


This is a “double” eruption of ash and gas filmed in March of 2009 from the Santiaguito Observatory. The FLIR video converter has sped it up for some reason, so it’s about 12 times faster than the actual eruption, but you can always pause it and advance it slowly if you’d like to get the full effect. In FLIR video, the warmer colors (white, yellow, and orange) indicate higher temperatures, and the cooler ones lower temperatures. The highest temperature in this video is about 150C (although this can vary due to atmospheric and distance effects, so it’s not an exact temperature). 

(Sorry for the poor resolution – Blogger’s video tool has gotten worse, for some reason.)