24 February 2010

Essential reading for volcanologists

Posted by Jessica Ball

One of the things I’ve found out since starting serious research in volcanology is that a lot – and I mean a lot – of the best texts are either out of print, expensive, or both. Fortunately there are enough people in the department that we have a fairly good selection of them – better than the library, anyway – although we’re going to be in big trouble when certain folks graduate. (Either that or we’re going to have to kidnap their collections.)

Anyway, being a bookish type, and having noticed the other book reviews that have come out on the geoblogosphere lately, I thought I would begin working my way through a list of the books that I’ve found most useful over the last year or so. Granted, I haven’t used all of these extensively, but this will give me a good chance to refresh my memory on what I could be using. A lot of these texts combine general and specific subject matters, so it’s a little hard to divide them up by specialty, but I’ll try and go from really general to more specific.

In most cases I’ve linked to Amazon, mostly because they do pretty decent summaries of content, but these books are often available straight from the publisher, or from independent booksellers (for a greatly reduced price). Bookfinder.com is where I start whenever I’m looking for an obscure book, although beware of inflated prices for out-of-print editions.